Photo sensitive aluminum CTP plate

The production process of the photo sensitive aluminum CTP plate base is mainly studied for the grit treatment and anodizing treatment involved. When the grit treatment, the surface roughening method, the concentration of hydrochloric acid, the temperature of the electrolyte and other factors are investigated. The influence on the effect of sand meshing treatment is obtained, and the appropriate process conditions are obtained. The concentration of hydrochloric acid is 8-10 g/L, and the temperature of the electrolyte is 30-60℃. During anodizing, the concentration of sulfuric acid, the temperature of the Oxidation time and the influence of impurities in the oxidizing solution on the effect of anodic oxidation, to obtain suitable process conditions, the sulfuric acid concentration range is 15%-30%, the oxidation solution temperature range is 25-30℃, and the oxidation time range is 40-60s. The concentration of aluminum ion in the liquid ranges from 0.5% to 5%.

photo sensitive aluminum

The advanced photo sensitive aluminum CTP plate photosensitive layer formula system was analyzed, and a new photosensitive layer formula was proposed. By studying the influence of the acid value, iodine value, molecular weight, etc. of the film-forming resin in the photosensitive layer on the printing quality, the appropriate resin acid value range is 48-53 (mgKOH/g), and the iodine value range is 25-30g/ 100gI2, the molecular weight ranges from 62725 to 64980. The effects of sensitizing dyes, initiators, and monomer functional groups on the sensitivity of the photosensitive CTP plate were studied. The monomer percentage ranges from 4.0 to 5.0%. The influence of the amount of prepolymer, the amount of polymerization inhibitor, and the water-soluble filter dye on the printing quality is studied, and the appropriate percentage of prepolymer is 3.2%, and the content of polymerization inhibitor should preferably be greater than or equal to 0.2% .

On the basis of the above research, the photo sensitive aluminum CTP plate prepared according to the new process formula, after performance testing and application evaluation, the plate can fully meet the requirements of users and has good application value.

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