How to distinguish the quality of aluminum alloy

For the mechanical frame alloy aluminium plate on the market, consumers can use simple methods to identify the alloy aluminium plate, to ensure that they choose high quality aluminium alloy.

How to distinguish the quality of alloy aluminium sheet? Professional aluminium plate manufacturers tell you three points.

1. To see if there is any obvious distortion, smooth surface, cracks or boldness, scratches, burrs in the alloy aluminium plate, if found, it is better not to buy.

2. It is necessary to check carefully whether the surface color of the alloy aluminium sheet is different from that of shade. The color difference means that the quality is not up to standard. Of course, the same type of profiles can also be put together for comparison, of course, if the color difference is too obvious, it is better not to buy. Check whether the cross-section thickness of the alloy aluminium sheet is the same as the model marked.

3. A smooth hard object can be used to scratch the surface of the aluminium alloy sheet, leaving a white scratch. The aluminium alloy sheet can be gently wiped and observed by hand. If it can not be wiped off, the quality of the material may be problematic. On the contrary, if it can be easily wiped off, the oxide film thickness on the surface of the profile is qualified.

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