Spraying Forming of Aluminium Alloy Plate

Spray forming is a new process for manufacturing aluminium alloy plate pieces. It is a process in which a molten metal stream is atomized into a fine droplet using a high-pressure inert gas, which is flown and cooled under a high-speed air stream, and deposited into a blank before it is completely solidified. It has the advantages of fine grain, uniform structure, rapid solidification technology capable of suppressing macrosegregation, and completing one step from alloy smelting to near-end molding, which has attracted great attention.

aluminium alloy plate

Aluminium alloy plates, especially 5000, 6000 and 7000 series of aluminium plates, have the advantages of low density, high strength, good toughness and corrosion resistance. They are widely used as a structural material in the aerospace industry and actively developed as an advanced material for automobiles and used in high-end car engines. 5052 and 5083 marine aluminium plate has become a regular product type in the industry, and 6061 aluminium plate is an excellent material for various molds. With an ever widening application scope, aluminium alloy plate sheets are being treated by newly developed processes as well.

The casting process is the main preparation method of the traditional aluminium alloy plate, but it has been difficult to meet the needs of preparing high-performance aluminum alloy. In the past, traditional processes have been difficult to further improve strength, plasticity, stiffness, heat resistance and corrosion resistance. Second, in the pursuit of high performance, the cost of casting process has risen rapidly due to the decrease in equipment and yield; third As the alloy content increases, the plasticity tends to decrease, so that the subsequent pressure processing cost increases and the yield decreases. Therefore, the high cost of production has greatly increased the threshold for the use of advanced aluminum alloys, seriously affecting the development of the overall market size. In these respects, the spray forming process has the dual advantages of performance and comprehensive cost, which can lower the threshold of use of advanced aluminum alloy, and can further improve the performance, realize aluminum-based steel within a certain range, thereby rapidly cultivating advanced aluminum alloy. The market, and in turn, promotes the injection molding process to achieve scale cost advantages. Therefore, the spray forming process will become the main production process of advanced aluminum alloy plates.

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