Total cold rolling rate of aluminum sheet alloy

Under the conditions of aluminum sheet alloy plasticity and equipment capacity, the total cold rolling processing rate of aluminum plates is generally as large as possible to maximize productivity. The principle for determining the total processing rate is:

(1) Give full play to the plasticity of the aluminum plate, use the largest total processing rate as possible, reduce intermediate annealing or other processes, shorten the process flow, increase productivity and reduce costs;

aluminum sheet alloy

(2) Ensure product quality, prevent cracking, broken bands and surface quality deterioration due to excessive total processing rate, and the total processing rate cannot be within the critical deformation range to avoid large grains and uneven grain size after annealing ;

(3) Give full play to the capabilities of the equipment, ensure the safe operation of the equipment, and prevent accidents such as damage to equipment parts or burnout of the motor.

(4) In actual production, the size of the intermediate cold rolling total processing rate is related to the equipment structure, installed level, production method and process requirements. The same type of 0.3mm 3mm 10mm thick roll aluminium sheet is usually used in multi-roll mills and rolling mills with a high level of automation equipment. The total processing rate of cold rolling is larger.

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