Right Measurement To Store Aluminium Rolled Products

aluminium rolled products
aluminium rolled products

There are some enough Aluminium Rolled Products in stock in the storage. Because of the mist and wet environment, some oxidation will be produced on the surface of aluminium roll, which takes on Leukoplakia. If clean the Leukoplakia, it will change into the black speckle. And have a bad effect on the use of Aluminium Rolled Products. If there are some suitable and convenient methods to prevent the aluminium roll from Rust.

1. To choose a clean and dry place, which features dry and Bright, well ventilated, non corrosive climate.

2. To strengthen the management of rolling oil, its moisture content is controlled below zero point zero four percent.

3. Aluminium Rolled Products should be sealed packaging, at the same time, each roll should be placed in an appropriate amount of desiccant.

4. The humidity of the wooden shaft and box should be less 18%. The temperature of color aluminium roll will be higher 45℃.

5. Store the Aluminium Rolled Products which must be away from the Chemical and moist materials.

Only take these protective measures to prevent Aluminium Rolled Products from Poor environment, will get the durable and high quality aluminium roll.

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