TH-1600NCA Supersized Duplex Milling Machine

Cutting size(WL): 420-1600 x 420-1600mm

Cutter Dia. : φ450 OP φ500mm

Table size: 1100x1100mm

Rapid feed speed X/Y/Z-axis: 8m/min

Required space(W×L×H): 650065003300mm

Table loading capacity: 12000kg

Machine weight: 30000kg

Automatically open and close gantry columns.

Unique workpiece locating unit with servo driven.

Powerful hydrualic cylinders clamper device. Servo-motor drive index table.

Strong torque gear box spindles with 37/55KW servo driven.

Crawler-type chips removal unit etc.

Which single face mill’s cutting depth can reach 3-5mm;Max.processing size 16001600*430mm;One-time input the performing parameters of workpiece,load the plate,start the program,It will automatically machine from roughness machining to finished machining.which can guarantee the accuracy of squareness and flatness to 4 sides.

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