Aluminum circle cutting machine

The phrase of aluminum circle cutting machine has two concepts. It can refer to a single machine or more frequently, a machine group, for no aluminum circle can be obtained with only one machine. Even the simplest way of production consists of two or three steps.

This is an aluminum circle cutting machine.

The general overflow includes flattening a coil, cutting the coil into square pieces and punching circles out of these square pieces. This can be finished by a decoiler, a cutting machine and a punching machine. Its featured by large amount of manual work and low efficiency. If you want large scale production, you may want an aluminum circle cutting machine group that combines all the steps together. This enables you to punch aluminum circles out while flattening a coil at the same time, improving raw material usage rate and reducing production cost.

This aluminum circle cutting machine group consists of a loading trolley, a unwinding machine, a leveling machine, a feeder, a swinging unit, a special closed single point mechanical press, a quick die changing device, a palletizing unit, a scrap cutting , a hydraulic systems and an electrical control system. In comparison to the traditional production method, it improves raw material usage rate, reduces labor cost and enhances safety level. This cutting machine group adopts the unique S-type and M-type layout methods to automatically generate the most reasonable and most material-saving cutting method, raising the material utilization rate to over 80%. This single point brings millions of benefits for a large aluminum circle manufacturer annually. Traditional production entails employment of tens and hundreds of people . This machine needs only 2. By feeding raw materials automatically, it helps to avoid possible injuries in traditional manual feeding.

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