Stucco embossed aluminum coil

Embossed aluminum sheets, which are mainly used in cold storage, freezers, color-coated embossed stucco aluminium coil for home appliance panel decoration, embossed corrugated sheets for roofs, anti-corrosion coated embossed aluminum sheets for air-conditioning pipes, and patterns coils are used in machinery platforms, automotive road skid coil industries, etc.

Stucco embossed aluminum coil pattern

The surface presents an embossed aluminum coil similar to orange peel.

Mainly used in freezer, cold storage, refrigerator lining board, orange peel embossed aluminum coil for decoration of cabinet partition and embossed aluminum foil coil for floor heating heat conduction, etc.

Rhombus/diamond embossed aluminum coil

The surface presents a beautiful rhombus pattern metal aluminum coil.

It is suitable for luggage, packaging, decorative lights. Haomei is a diamond embossed aluminum coil supplier, and can provide diamond embossed aluminum coils of various materials.

Hemisphere embossing aluminum coil

The surface presents a spherical embossed aluminum coil. Commonly there are hemispherical pattern aluminum coil and double-sided spherical embossed aluminum coil.

The concave and convex spherical pattern can increase the surface area of the aluminum coil and play a good heat dissipation effect. It is mainly used for automobile chassis heat dissipation, engine shield, exhaust pipe heat shield, etc.

Cobblestone (hammer/bean) embossed aluminum roll

This kind of aluminum roll is usually made of mirror aluminum oxide base material, the surface is densely covered with embossing the size of bean grains, with strong astigmatism effect, and the reflectivity is as high as 85%.

It is widely used in lighting and decoration industries. Mirror embossed aluminum coils are often used in lamp lighting and reflector lampshades.

Corrugated embossed aluminum sheet

The surface of the corrugated aluminum sheet is corrugated, light in weight and corrosion-resistant, and is often used in the roof panels of civil buildings, warehouses and houses.

Aluminum tiles are often used in thermal insulation projects in power plants and chemical plants.

Power plants are mostly made of 1060 material. Because of their corrosive environment, chemical plants choose 3003 aluminum-manganese anti-rust alloy material. The amplitude becomes larger, which is more conducive to drainage and building wall panels.

haomei can produce and process products from 0.2mm-2.0mm. Users can customize according to their own requirements, and other special tile types. Our company can order different tile machine molds for production according to the quantity.

Aluminum tread coil

Common model: 5052 H114 five-rib gold pattern coil; 3003 H22 compass aluminum alloy pattern coil; 1060 lentil-shaped pattern aluminum coil.

The aluminum alloy pattern coil processed from 1060 base can adapt to the ordinary environment and has a low price. Usually cold storage, floors, and outer packaging use this patterned aluminum sheet.

3003 H22 diamond coil, called anti-rust aluminum coil, has a slightly higher strength than ordinary aluminum alloy pattern coil, and has certain anti-rust performance. But the hardness and corrosion resistance cannot reach the pattern coil of 5000 series. So, this product is used in applications that do not require Strict rust prevention, such as truck models, cold storage floors.

5052 checker coil has good corrosion resistance, hardness and rust resistance. It is usually used in special places, such as ships, carriage lights, and humid environments. This kind of aluminum coil has high hardness, certain load-bearing capacity and anti-skid effect.

6061 6082 checker coils will be used when a higher strength is required.

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