aluminum sawing machine

aluminum profile cutting saw machine automatic sawing machine

Special saw ing action design

After cutting the material in a straight line, the saw blade is pulled back to the origin by

the control of the air pressure cylinder. Thisfeature is designed to avoid the material in the pr-

ocess of processing. The surface smoothness and precision are specially designedbecause

of the influence of the blade return cutter ,thus the machined surface of the material is more

smooth and accurate , and the precision is in creased by ±0.1mm.

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TH-1600NCA Supersized Duplex Milling Machine

Cutting size(WL): 420-1600 x 420-1600mm Cutter Dia. : φ450 OP φ500mm Table size: 1100x1100mm Rapid feed speed X/Y/Z-axis: 8m/min Required space(W×L×H): 650065003300mm Table loading capacity: 12000kg Machine…

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Aluminum circle cutting machine

Aluminum circle cutting machine

The phrase of aluminum circle cutting machine has two concepts. It can refer to a single machine or more frequently, a machine group, for no aluminum circle can be obtained with only one machine. Even the simplest way of production consists of two or three steps.

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Aluminum Radiator Fin Forming Machine

Fin production machines for aluminum radiators are main equipments in heat exchanger factory because fins are the key heat transfer elements.The fin making machine matched with different…

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Aluminum Rolling Machine

Aluminum rolling Machine go through the process of shaping raw aluminum into finished plates, sheets, and coils for countless applications.

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Aluminium Profile Cutting and Machining Center

Automatic profile handling feature & size recognition
Window machines manufactured by Ozgenc Makina are widely recognized in the global market because they are reliable, functional, easy to operate and easy to maintain.

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Aluminium Spacer Bar Production Line

Aluminum Spacer Bar Production Line is advanced technology, superior performance, and high cost performance, production speed more 120 M/Min. Aluminum spacer has been widely used in energy-saving…

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Aluminum Foil Rewinding Machine

Full Automatic Aluminum Foil Rewinding Machine

The DB-500A Full automatic aluminium foil rewinding machine is use for rewinding the jumbo roll of aluminium foil into small roll.

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Aluminum Cutting Machine

Automatic aluminium cutting machine

Used in fabrication applications, this machine is used for cutting aluminum pipes and sheets in hassle free manner. Moreover, our clients can purchase this Aluminium Cutting Machine from us at reasonable rates.

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