aluminum profile cutting saw machine automatic sawing machine

aluminum sawing machine
aluminum sawing machine

Functional Characteristics

◇ Automatic feeding, automatic positioning, automatic fuel injection, automatic sawing;

◇ Automatic feeding stroke 1350mm can be overloaded;

◇ Saw blade horizontal sawing, suitable for wider, larger material processing;

◇ The server motor is used to drive the ball screw with high accuracy;

◇ The use of NC Fuji controller PLC control stability;

◇ The touch screen is easy to operation;

◇ High sawing stability due to oil pressure driven by feed;

◇ The fixture on the feeding table is 2 groups of upper pressure 2 groups of lateral

pressure,suitable for irregular material sawing and several materials simultaneously sawing;

◇ The computer will automatically record the time and amount of work required for each

processing ,so that processing costs can be accounted;

◇ Processing machine will automatically no material induction or can choose to set the tail

length function;

◇ The material can be placed in parallel and overlapped.

Special saw ing action design

After cutting the material in a straight line, the saw blade is pulled back to the origin by

the control of the air pressure cylinder. Thisfeature is designed to avoid the material in the pr-

ocess of processing. The surface smoothness and precision are specially designedbecause

of the influence of the blade return cutter ,thus the machined surface of the material is more

smooth and accurate , and the precision is in creased by ±0.1mm.

The fixture on the feeding table is suitable for sawing irregular materials, and the workpiece can be fixed without the need to customize the fixture.

The transmission adopts high-precision grinding gears with a precision of 0.02mm (for 3m and 6m feeding stroke).

The vacuum injector uses the principle of vacuum generation to make the cutting oil spray out in mist to achieve the lubrication and cooling function, to ensure that the saw blade does not accumulate debris, improve the cutting precision, and extend the saw blade life.

Feed m ode

1. Stepwise feed 2. Feeding material 3. Manual feeding;

Variable speed spindle speed can be set (.R.P.M) and optional 12 “~ 24” saw blade;

Suitable for saw ing

Heat sink, aluminum, copper, plastic-steel materials, electric boards, acrylic plastics, Teflon, honeycomb panels,wood and other non-ferrous metal materials.

Standard accessories

◇ 20″ saw blade x1(or size specified by customer),toolbox one,workbench side pressing.

◇ Optional accessories.

◇ Optional dust collector and dust collecting pipe.

◇ Assisted feeding frame 3.5 meters.

◇ Reporter saw.

◇ Automatic blowing system.

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