Jual aluminium sheet jacketing

The jual aluminium sheet jacketing is low in Haomei Aluminum because we have advanced technology to improve production efficiency and reduce waste material rate. Haomei Aluminium professionally provide anti-corrosion and thermal insulation aluminium jacketing sheet, complete specifications and special insulation aluminum jacket with a thickness of 0.1-1.5mm. The aluminium alloys are 3003, 5005, 1060 and the width is 800-1500mm. Because aluminum jacketing has high corrosion resistance, and what we use is thermal insulation aluminum sheet, which is applied to some pipes or the outer layer of buildings, and adopts thermal insulation aluminum jacketing for heat preservation. Of course, the use of heat-insulating aluminum  jacketing as the outer layer of the pipeline or building has good ductility and good plasticity. Because of its corrosion resistance, it can adapt to the environment and is practical.

jual aluminium sheet jacketing

The weight of each aluminium jacketing sheet roll is about 2.5-2.9 tons, with aluminum core, paper core and without core. The square number of 0.5mm aluminum jacketing per ton is 738 square meter, 0.6mm aluminium jacketing is 615 square meter, and 0.7mm aluminum jacket is 527 square meter. Advantages of aluminium sheet jacketing are uniform thickness, no chromatic aberration, no yellow spots, no scratches, good bending performance, convenient construction, specific thickness has national standards, and negative tolerances for you to choose.


In terms of economy, the jual aluminium sheet jacketing also shows advantage. Compared with other metal jacket, the insulation aluminum jacket can be made thinner for the same area of the required jacket, thus saving economic costs. In terms of environmental protection, the insulating aluminum jacketing sheet will not release toxic and harmful gases from ordinary substances, so it will not pollute the air, soil or water.

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