Applications of 3104 Aluminum strip

The density of 3104 aluminum strip is 2.73g, and Mn of 0.9% – 1.5% is the main content in 3104 aluminum strip . Other elements of 3104 aluminum strip includes o.5% of Si, 0.7% of Fe, 0.1% of Cu, 0.3% of Mg, 0.1% of Cr, 0.15% of other total, and the balance is Al. The max tensile strength is 275 MPa, and the max elongation of 3104 aluminum strip is 20%.we can provide 3104 aluminum strip with tempers of H14, H16, H18, H38, H111 and others. The thickness is from 0.01mm-600mm and max length of 16,000mm. So our products can satisfy different demands from customers.

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