How to prevent the oxidation of aluminium coil roll

Aluminum coil roll will encounter corrosion and rust in its long term use. Therefore, during the process of aluminium coil manufacture, manufacturers will have rust prevention and anti-corrosion processing, rust prevention and corrosion protection are important factors affecting the aluminum coil price.

Antirust alloy aluminium sheet coil is a metal product for flying scissors after the rolling mill is rolled through the bending angle. Antirust alloy aluminium coils are widely used in electronic, packaging, construction, machinery and other aspects.

The space for the placement of the rust proof alloy aluminum coil should be strengthened, and the air drying management shall be strengthened to ensure that there is no water in the compressed air. The management of the rolling oil is strengthened,its water content is controlled below 0.04%. The packaging of antirust alloy aluminum rolls should be sealed, and a proper amount of desiccant should be put in each volume.

Wood shaft, box board box antirustzinc aluminium coilthe humidity of not more than 18%, the temperature of the aluminum coil packaging is not greater than 45 degrees centigrade. In high temperature, high humidity areas from the low temperature area, do not immediately open the sealed packaging workshop, warehouse. The roof has leaks, snow place should not be placed zinc aluminium coil.

Antirust aluminium sheet coil can be divided into cold and hot rolling, the main difference is the difference of hot rolled aluminum coil anodic oxidation, anodic oxidation. The volume can be rolled and hot rolled aluminum coil ,aluminum coil uses different cold-rolled aluminum coil used for the mold, hot rolled aluminum coil for stamping and drawing. The same material due to the different production processes, large difference of its physical properties. The aluminum is also called plastic forming, in aluminum during deformation stress and deformation (stress-strain state) is divided into: casting, forging, extruding, spinning, drawing, rolling, forming (cold pressing, deep drawing and other processing methods).

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