Aluminum Foil Uses

With the improvement of people’s living standards and the development of tourism, the demand for beverages and canned foods such as beer and soda is increasing, and modern packaging and decoration are required to facilitate competition in the international market. In recent years, in order to meet market requirements, packaging materials such as plastic films and aluminum foil uses with good shielding properties have also been developed, but their comprehensive performance is not as good as that of aluminum foils. Although aluminum foil has inevitable pinhole defects, it can be compensated and improved by coating and lamination processing. Therefore, it can be said that aluminum foil is a perfect packaging material with a variety of excellent properties, and it has fully shown its broad prospects in many fields.

aluminum foil uses

Generally speaking, there are few occasions where plain foil packaging is used alone, and most of them are aluminum foils or composite aluminum foils that have undergone various deep processing. Pinholes are formed during use to reduce its barrier performance, so aluminum foil and paper, polymer or other metal sheets are often made into composite packaging materials, which are widely used in the packaging of food, medicine, cosmetics, cigarettes and other commodities. and packaging lining. The developed aluminum foil composite packaging materials mainly include:

① Aluminum foil composite paper, of which 40% and 50% are used for cigarette packaging;

② Aluminum-plastic composite cans are made of aluminum foil, plastic film, and kraft paper (cardboard), which can be made into square, round, rectangular, conical and other packaging cans;

③ Aluminum-plastic composite soft film, widely used in food packaging, cooking bags, and packaging of chemicals, industrial products and military supplies, etc.;

④ Aluminum-plastic composite tube packaging material, used for packaging toothpaste, cosmetics, detergents, chemicals, pigments, etc.;

⑤Aluminum-plastic composite blister packaging material, mainly used for medicine cover packaging, etc. In recent years, aluminum foil for packaging has gradually become the mainstream of market development, and its application range has been continuously expanded, especially in the fields of food, beverage, dairy products, medicine, cosmetics, chemicals, and electronic products. less results.

In general, aluminum foil uses are in the packaging industry, and a large number of new materials, new varieties and new products have been developed, which not only greatly promotes the development of aluminum foil production technology, but also plays an important role in the development of the packaging industry at the same time.

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