Features and Applications of 2017 Aluminum Roll

2017 alumunum roll
2017 alumunum roll

2017 aluminum roll is the first industrial application of the 2 series alloy aluminum, which features high strength and good Mechanical property, but has poor corrosion resistance. The characteristics of 2xxx series aluminum roll is high hardness, because of about 3-5% higher copper content. The 2xxx series aluminum roll belongs to the aviation aluminum material. There are few manufacturers of 2xxx series aluminum roll in China. The Quality of 2xxx aluminum roll in China can not be compared with foreign countries. Currently mainly imported aluminum roll from South Korea and German. With the development of China’s aerospace industry, the 2xxx series aluminum roll production technology will be further improved.

The Applications of 2017 Aluminum Roll:

2017 Aluminum Roll is usually used in rivets, general machinery parts, aircraft, ships, transportation, building structural parts, transport parts, propeller components and accessories, etc..

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