How To Keep The 7150 Aluminum Rolls From Oxidation

7150 aluminium rolls
7150 aluminium rolls

7150 Aluminum rolls are widely used in electronics, packaging, construction, machinery and so on. The production process of aluminum rolls in our country has a great improvement. Developing with the society, the aluminum roll brings much convenience to our daily life, but there are some problems occurring of aluminum rolls. The settlements of aluminum roll oxidation is the main issue. How to Solve the Aluminum roll Oxidation?

1. Must keep the storage space of aluminum roll dry and bright, well ventilated, no corrosion climate.

2. The 7150 aluminum roll should keep away from the leaks and snow.

3. To strengthen the management of rolling oil, its moisture content is controlled below zero point zero four percent.

4. The 7150 aluminum roll should be packed in a sealed package and be placed into the right amount of desiccant at the same time.

5. Do not immediately open the sealed package when transporting aluminum roll from a low temperature zone into a region of high temperature and humidity.

7. The 7150 aluminum rolls are prohibited from being stored with chemicals and moist materials during storage.

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