Mechanical Properties and Applications of 5052 Aluminum Roll Alloy

5052 aluminium roll
5052 aluminium roll

5052 Aluminum Roll Alloy is outstanding products of 5 series Aluminum Roll Alloy, which belongs to 5 series magnesium alloy. The magnesium content is between 2.2%-2.8%, which belongs to low magnesium content aluminum alloy, which features good corrosion resistance and weldability and easy processing etc.. 5052 Aluminum Roll Alloy characteristics in good plastic annealing state, high hardening rate, low plastics. Magnesium is the main strengthening element of 5052 Aluminum Roll Alloy.

The Chemical Properties of 5052 Aluminum Roll Alloy:

Silicon 0.25,

Copper 0.10,

Magnesium, 2.2-2.6,

Zinc 0.10,

Manganese 0.10,

Chromium, 0.15-0.35,

Iron 0.40,

Aluminum Margin. 5052,

Tensile strength of aluminum plate is 170-350MPa,

Annealing temperature is 345 Degrees Celsius.

Under different hardening and heat treatment conditions, the mechanical properties will be different. Compared with the 1XXX series of pure aluminum, the tensile strength is improved. At the same time, the elongation is increased by 12-20%, due to the effects of alloy elements, Corrosion resistance of 5052 aluminum roll alloy is more obvious.

Generally speaking, in the production, there do not show crack, corrosion spots and nitrate traces, mechanical damage of skin and bubbles in the surface of 5052 aluminum roll alloy.

5052 Aluminum Roll Alloy is widely used in machinery, automobile and accessories industry, with the development of various industries, the demand of 5052 Aluminum Roll Alloy is also increasing. As the star product, 5052 aluminum roll alloy is much more popular in the manufacturer.

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