What Causes the Bending of Quality Rolled Aluminium?

Quality Rolled Aluminium
Quality Rolled Aluminium

The Quality Rolled Aluminium is widely used in the construction market which improves the price of aluminium roll in a rapid speed. But what causes the bending of aluminium roll?

1. High pressure gas mist nozzle has a strong direction, whose angle is about 25~30. The effect of high pressure gas mist nozzle can help cold the aluminium roll without changing the shape of aluminium roll.

2. Different wall thickness or shape of Quality Rolled Aluminium, different Cooling speed. The cooling speed of thick wall and Hollow tube is slower than the thin wall.

3. The high pressure air will atomize the water which add the area of water and aluminium roll and destroy the vapor film which the water and high temperature profiles touch together.

4. When cooling the Quality Rolled Aluminium with the high pressure air mist, will occur the air and water, but the Heat transfer coefficient of water will be higher than air. This heat transfer method will accelerate the heat transfer.

5. The direction of jet cooling and thickness of Quality Rolled Aluminium will have a great impact on the bending of aluminium roll. When the customers choose the film aluminium roll, must consider the Influencing factors of producing program.

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