Easily Identify the Difference Between Cold-rolled Aluminium and Hot-rolled Aluminium Sheet

In the aluminium sheets procurement process, for the different needs of the type of aluminum, materials, technology has different requirements, especially cold-rolled aluminum sheets and hot-rolled aluminum sheets distinction and identification, has a pivotal role. There are many types of aluminum sheets in aluminum industry. According to the different production processes, aluminum can be divided into cold-rolled aluminum sheets and hot-rolled aluminum sheets. The difference between cold-rolled aluminium and hot-rolled aluminium sheets are as follows:
Method 1: the production process is different: cold rolling is a casting machine into a casting roll (8mm thickness) through the cold rolling mill processing, and hot rolling is an aluminium ingot (400-500mm thickness) heating, at high temperatures Rolled by a hot rolling mill;
Method 2: the supply of raw materials is different: the difference between the two in the blank supply is not the same, hot-rolled billets are casting aluminium ingots – heating – rolling into the volume for cold rolling, cold rolled billet is the casting and rolling – cold rolling;

Aluminium Sheets
Aluminium Sheets

Method three: performance is different: hot-rolled aluminium plate surface quality is good, while the mechanical properties and ductility performance is strong, the oxidation effect is good, while processing aluminium discs are generally processed from aluminium, naturally also affected by the performance of aluminium;
Method four: use different: cold-rolled aluminium used for mold, hot-rolled aluminium plate for stamping stretch.
Aluminium Sheets
Aluminium Sheets

Through the above four methods, you can easily distinguish between cold-rolled aluminium sheets and hot-rolled aluminium sheets, aluminium sheets selection requires professional knowledge, aluminum procurement more need to choose a professional manufacturer, if you are interested in our aluminum products, sincerely look forward to your Visit and visit.

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