The excellent features of mirror aluminum sheet factory product

Nowadays, the use of mirror aluminum sheet is more and more extensive. Many areas we can’t think of will choose mirror aluminum as production materials, such as cosmetic surface packaging, high-end gift boxes, mobile phones, computers, etc. How can such ordinary materials be applied at the high end field? Of course, it has an inseparable relationship with the excellent features of the mirror aluminium sheet factory product. So, what are the excellent features of the mirror aluminum sheet?
mirror aluminum sheet factory
1, economical and practical
No matter what the field is, no matter how high-end products are produced in that field, they will consider whether the materials are economical and practical when choosing materials, especially the cost price of materials, which will be the primary consideration for manufacturers because the materials cost determines the cost of the product. The cost of the product determines the competitive strength of the product. In the commodity society, whoever has the price advantage and who owns the market, the economical and practical mirror aluminum sheet has become the new darling of industrial production.
2, the appearance of processing characteristics
The mirror aluminum is high quality material, which is suitable for high requirements and stable anodizing surface treatment, such as chemical polishing, atomization, chemical sanding, electric polishing, dyeing, sealing and other processing.
3, mirror characteristics
The mirror surface is produced by mechanical polishing. The surface has no electroplating coating. Before sandblasting and anode processing, there is no need to retreat the anode or electroplating film. It can be directly sprayed with sand and anodized. The coarse grain size of sandblasting can reach 240# or above. Pretreatment is not needed, can be direct printing, stamping with high reflectivity.
4, high performance
The unique performance of the mirror aluminum sheet factory product is in line with the needs of industrial production, such as uniform hardness, suitable for chaotic stamping, bending, stretching, shaping is not easy to break, anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, etc. are all required for industrial production. Therefore, the performance of the mirror finished aluminum sheet has become its value advantage, and its high cost performance can help the merchant to improve the product quality, but also reduce the production cost.

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