Many Kinds of Embossed Aluminum Sheet Products

 embossed aluminum sheet products
embossed aluminum sheet products

1. lentils embossed aluminum sheet products is a kind of antiskid aluminium plate, which has good antiskid effect, mainly used for carriage, platform antiskid, floor skid of cold storage, skid proof floor in workshop, and elevator antiskid.

2, Spherical embossed aluminum sheet is also called semi spherical embossed aluminum sheet. There are small globular patterns in the surface, like a little pearl, so the aluminum plate can also called as embossed aluminum sheet. Spherical embossed aluminum sheet is mainly used in the outer packing with beautiful appearance. Because of the special pattern, the strength of embossed aluminum sheet is much higher than other patterns.

3, Five bars embossed aluminum sheet has good anti slip ability, and is widely used in building platform.

Because the patterns of the aluminum plate is arranged in accordance with five concave convex patterns in a relatively parallel arrangement, and each pattern and other patterns appear between 60-80 degrees angle, so the embossed aluminum sheet products has excellent anti-skid performance. With good anti-skid effect.

4, Compass embossed aluminum sheet products: non slip aluminum plate, and the same as the effect of five bars embossed aluminum sheet products

5, Orange peel embossed aluminum sheet products is divided into: Classic orange pattern aluminum plate, variation of orange peel pattern aluminum plate. Orange peel embossed aluminum sheet products is widely used in refrigerator, air conditioning and packaging.

6 Other embossed aluminum sheet products: wavy pattern aluminum, wave pattern plate, corrugated pattern aluminum, aluminum rattan pattern, solid triangular tread plate, aluminum strip pattern, cobblestone pattern aluminum, triangle strip pattern plate, butterfly pattern aluminum etc..

7, Diamond embossed aluminum sheet products: usually used for packaging pipes or external packing.

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