Supplier of aluminum jacketing for pipe

Haomei is a supplier of aluminum jacketing for pipe with grade of 1060, 3003 and 5005 within ASTM B209, the insulation effect is efficient. There are many particulars about the selection of materials for the pipe insulation project. The first is the thermal conductivity. The reason why thermal insulation products such as aluminum, steel rock wool and glass wool are reused is because their thermal conductivity is low, which shows good thermal insulation performance.

aluminum jacketing for pipe

The main purpose of the insulation construction is insulation, and aluminum jacketing can be a good choice. Through the insulation construction, the energy can make better use of it. In addition, through the aluminum jacketing for pipe insulation, we can truly feel that the product is very durable and will not corrode when used. In addition, it can be used for different implementations. In addition to the low thermal conductivity, the metal insulation construction also requires good anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties in the selection of materials. The choice of aluminum pipe jacketing insulation is due to its ability to have both insulation and rust and corrosion resistance, so it has become the main choice for pipeline manufacturers. This kind of insulation material used in the aluminum pipe insulation industry has obvious effects and easy construction, but it needs to be operated in strict accordance with the construction requirements.


Pipe insulation aluminum jacketing for pipe is a technology favored by heat preservation projects such as pipes, tanks, autoclaves, and reaction kettles. Aluminum jacketing insulation construction can achieve good heat insulation effect, which is inseparable from its exquisite material selection.

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