Specialist 5a05 aluminum sheet factory

5A05 is an aluminum-magnesium alloy that belongs to the 5000 series with 5005, 5052, 5083, 5086, 5454, 5754 and 5A06 together, and it is usually processed in the form of sheet in 5a05 aluminum sheet factory. 5a05 aluminum sheet is very similar to 5a06 aluminum sheet in the chemical composition.
5A05 aluminum sheet is generally used to manufacture welded pipes, welded fuel tanks, other liquid containers and other similar parts that require high process plasticity, a certain degree of corrosion resistance, can withstand moderate loads, the 5a05 wires product are used as electrodes and rivets (usually based on plates, less welding applications), the rivet needs to be anodized. In foreign countries, 5a05 aluminum sheet and approximate aluminum alloys are used to make armor plates and high-strength structural parts, storage tanks, pressure vessels such as tank trucks and marine parts.
The chemical composition of 5A05 aluminum sheet is, Si: 0.50, Fe: 0.50, Cu: 0.10, Mn: 0.30-0.6, Mg: 4.8-5.5, Zn: 0.20, Al remain, other elements: single: 0.05 Total: 0.10. 5A05 aluminum sheet is Al-Mg aluminum alloy, the strength is equivalent to 5A03, heat treatment can not be strengthened, plasticity in annealing state is high, plasticity is moderate in semi-cold hardening, welding performance of hydrogen atom welding, spot welding, gas welding and argon arc welding are good.

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