Aluminum Slugs Basic knowledge and Information

Aluminum slugs are precision raw materials for a great variety of applications such as technical parts in the automotive industry and packing industry. Aluminum slugs is usually shaped as small round plate or metal disks, though it is small in volume, but it can be extruded to be bigger container for cosmetic, beverage or other materials. Haomei aluminum are professional aluminum slugs manufacturer that can supply aluminum slugs form 1000 series aluminum to 8000 series. As one of the top aluminum slugs supplier, we have export our aluminum products to more than 40 countries worldwide, the customers always speak highly of our service and products. There are little data about the aluminum slugs in the market, in order to help clients to know more about this product, we summarize the knowledge of aluminum slugs for help them.

aluminum slug

Aluminum slug product has wide applications, such as aluminum slug for tube, aluminum slug for toothpaste pipe, aluminum slug for glue tube, aluminum slug for collapsible tubes, aluminum slug for cosmetic packing, aluminum slug for aerosol can, aluminum slug for aluminum bottle, aluminum slug for aluminum cover and so on. Little volume has big affect, we can supply customized shape and size at your choice, the aluminum slugs from Haomei Aluminum has good flexibility and tractility, corrosion proof and excellent appearance. Product has other shape like oval, column and rectangle. The surface can be with or without hole, flat, concave(domed). The grad and temper of aluminum slugs have many types for different application, if you have any demand or question, please contact us to get quotation or help.

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