Talk about Haomei 3005 aluminum slugs

As we had talked before, aluminum slugs has wide application on automotive, gas cylinders, aerosol cans, tubes, industrial packaging, electronics and other aspects. As we all know that aluminum alloy has 8 series, when it comes to 3000 series, the typical alloy is 3005, the same as aluminum alloy, 3005 aluminum slugs is the typical product of 3000 series aluminum slugs. 3005 aluminum slugs has the same physical characteristics and chemical characteristics with 3005 aluminum alloy.

3005 aluminum slugs

Haomei aluminum produce large amount of 3005 aluminum slugs for the customers all over the world. We have 5 producing lines for rolling, casting, pressing, thanks to the high degree of modularity, each line can be configured according to specific customer requirements. We can supply aluminum slugs with various temper, specification, shape, alloy content and so on, we can sure the products of Haomei can meet all the demands of our clients. 3005 aluminum slugs of Haomei temper can be O-H112, the thickness is 2mm~10mm, the diameter is 11mm~60mm. If you want to know the MOQ, the price, the delivery period, please come to contact us immediately. With over 20 years experience, we can provide you high quality aluminum slugs and best service, we are looking forward to have business cooperation with you!

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