Is aluminium foil harmful

  Is aluminium foil harmful?

  Articles about harm of aluminium foil, especially household foil used for cooking, have never come to an end. Even really strong-minded people could be upset about the endless talking filling your life circle. We dare not guarantee that aluminium foil is definitely safe, but we can offer figures and advice.

  The application of aluminium foil in food packaging has over a century’s history. As early as 1911, a Swedish Sweet company first adopted aluminum foil to wrap its chocolates, which marked the beginning of the foil’s use in food and cooking. Up to now no clear evidence shows that people get disease from this.

jumbo aluminium foil for household foil

  There is no hidden danger to any food. Aluminum foil is a metal substance, it is not toxic, nor does it chemically react with the oil, salt and other spices in the food. However, it is worth noting that if you want to use tin foil or aluminum foil to wrap the ingredients for grilling, do not add seasoning sauce, because the acidic substances in the seasoning may melt the tin and aluminum of the tin foil and aluminum foil, which may cause aluminum poisoning after eating.

  Finally, when using aluminum foil for cooking, it is recommended to choose heavy duty aluminum foil. The thin aluminum foil may attach to the food and be swallowed down, which will cause a chemical reaction with gastric acid in the body. The aluminum salt produced is directly absorbed by the body, which is harmful to the body.

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