Is an aluminium foil container good for use?

Aluminum foil has many characteristics and advantages, including: safety and health, high and low temperature resistance, green environmental protection, renewable energy saving, good sealing, high-grade beauty, convenient and fast.

Aluminum Cigarette Packing Foil

At present, the use of aluminum foil containers and household food packaging abroad has been very common.

However, due to consumption habits, consumption concepts, awareness and other reasons, the consumption fields and levels of various countries and regions have great differences, and there is still great potential for the development of applications. It is urgent to speak with one voice globally, spread successful experience and cases, and advocate and promote its application.

Aluminium is used in food containers for different reasons: it provides a very good barrier to protect food against light and air and preserves food quality; it can be recycled and designed individually according to customers’ requirements; it can be produced in different sizes and shapes. In addition, aluminium is a lightweight material and for this reason it has a positive effect on the production costs.

Is an aluminium foil container good for use?
Aluminium packaging has many advantages over other forms of packaging. For this reason aluminium food containers are used in a wide range of applications. Here some advantages of aluminium foil trays:

Aluminum Cigarette Packing Foil 3

Heat conductivity (aluminium distributes heat homogeneously improving the cooking of food in the oven)
Hygiene and safety (aluminium is sterile and safe for use in direct contact with foodstuffs)
Multi-mode cooking (aluminium containers can be used in traditional oven and with some precautions in microwave too)
Sustainability (aluminium foil trays are fully recyclable)
Performance (aluminium food containers can be used in the domestic and industrial sectors)
Design (round or square, big or small size, these containers can be made to fulfil any number of functio

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