What is an aluminium door?

Aluminum door is a solid barrier fixed in door way or opening in a wall. It consists of two parts i.e. frame and shutter and can be opened for access to and from buildings, between rooms or be closed for privacy. A variety of doors such as wooden doors, iron doors, PVC or plastic doors and aluminum doors are available in the market. Now a days aluminum doors, windows and glazing are widely used. 

Materials of aluminum door

Aluminum alloy standard extruded sections are used for fabrication of aluminum doors. Chemical composition and mechanical properties of these extruded sections should comply with requirements of IS: 733, IS: 1285, IS: 737.   

Anodizing aluminum doors

Aluminum is anodized by manufacturing units with the help of anodizing/electro coating plants.  It should be uniform without color variation. The outer surface of aluminum members is anodized up to 30 microns in different colors like silver, champagne, bronze and black. A foolproof scaling system ensures durable finish for long lasting applications. The anodizing should be as per ISO 9002. 

How to fabricate aluminum doors?

Aluminum door frames should be fabricated after measuring actual size of opening. The side legs of frame should be 50 mm more in length so that they can be embedded into floor. The frame of door should be manufactured by reducing 25 mm width and by keeping the height 37.5 mm, more than opening i.e. (50 -12.5 = 37.5) because 50 mm length is required for embedding in floor.

Sizes of aluminum members used in door frame

  • 50.8 mm
  • 88.9 mm
  • 127 mm 

Sizes of aluminum members used in door shutter

  • Side rail and top rail = 57.2 mm, 98.4 mm, 104.8 mm or127 mm. 
  • Lock rail/middle rail = 152.4 mm.
  • Bottom rail = 203.2mm, 254 mm, 304.8 mm.

Precautions for fabrication of aluminum door frames

  • Aluminum door frames should be fabricated by reputed local workshop using standard sections manufactured by renowned manufacturers. 
  • While doing fabrication, the fasteners should be zinc plated and actual required length of each member should be cut by cutter, not by chisel.  The holes should be drilled instead of punching them.   
  • In aluminum frames, the fixing should be done with the help of steel screws. 
  • Make sure the corners of frame are at right angle. All members of door frame should be in straight line horizontally and vertically. 
  • The material used in aluminum doors should be free from cracks, surface flaws, rough and imperfect edges. 
  • The screws should be driven with the help of screw driver, not be hammered. 

Fixing aluminum door in various openings

1. Fixing door frame in opening of brick masonry

  • Stack aluminum door frames at site on level platform to keep them in true shape without any damage. 
  • Keep the size of aluminum doorframe less than the size of opening according to the thickness of cement plaster on sides of door opening. 
  • Fix doorframe either by cutting bricks or by removing bricks near lugs and avoid plastering on jambs that look ugly since usually aluminum doorframe are manufactured either equal to or with little margin to the size of opening.  
  • Use slotted, adjustable, galvanized and steel lugs of size 100x16x3 mm for fixing aluminum doors. 
  • Make use of 8 No lugs, 4 No. on each side of doorframe and keep height of lugs 45cm, 109 cm, 139 cm and 188.5 cm from floor level.
  • Apply a thick shop coat of clear transparent lacquer on aluminum door frame to protect surface from wet cement during installation before aluminum doors are fixed in position.
  • Check the size of opening for obstruction if any. After marking position of lugs, the holes should be made in masonry and lugs are fixed with cement concrete mix in the ratio of 1: 3: 6. 
  • Set the filling finally after the gap is filled with   mastic cement and plaster.

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