Do you really understand the aluminium sheet?

Aluminum sheet, as the name suggests is made of aluminum or aluminum alloy material made of plate. Or by the flat aluminum embryo by heating, rolling and straightening or solid solution aging heat and other processes made of plate aluminum products.

Do you really understand the aluminum sheet?
Do you really understand the aluminum sheet?

Aluminum used in the building, including single-layer aluminum sheet, composite aluminum sheet and other materials, generally refers to the single-layer aluminum (also called a single aluminum sheet or pure aluminum sheet), used in architectural decoration works, in recent years in the aluminum curtain wall single-layer aluminum The more common. Aluminum curtain wall is also a form of curtain wall, simply made of aluminum instead of glass curtain wall, aluminum curtain wall used for wall protection and non-lighting walls. Such as the Guangzhou World Trade Center, on the use of the Southwest aluminum processing plant plate processing different arc of aluminum nearly 150 tons, the surface using electrostatic spraying. Foreign aluminum curtain wall has been selected single-layer aluminum. Single-layer aluminum plate is generally made of pure aluminum sheet. Aluminum sheet thickness of 3mm, in order to strengthen the aluminum plate surface strength, in the back of the aluminum sheet, must be installed ribs (existing manufacturers uneasy), ribs made of thick aluminum sheet, first with a flash welder to a screw cap Welded on the back of the aluminum sheet and then put the ribs into the screws into the screws, fixed with screws.

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