Advantages of aluminium alloy sheet

The surface of aluminium alloy sheet should be clear, tidy, smooth and uniformly reflective. And there should be no obvious defects or damages such as wrinkles, bubbles, and particulate impurities. Aluminum sheet alloy has the advantages of oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance that are incomparable to steel. With the development of social economy, the market demand for aluminium sheet is increasing. The advantages of aluminum alloy sheet are:

aluminium alloy sheet

1, The relative density is small

The relative density of aluminum and aluminium alloy sheet is close to 2.7g/cm3, which is about 1/3 of iron or copper, and the compressive strength of aluminum and aluminum alloy profiles is high. After the necessary level of cold working, the chemical reaction compressive strength can be strengthened, and some aluminum alloy profiles of steel grades can be strengthened according to the quenching and tempering treatment.

2, Good conductivity and heat transfer

The conductivity and heat transfer performance of aluminium sheet alloy is second only to silver, copper and gold.

4, Easy to produce and process

After adding the necessary aluminum alloy elements, aluminum alloy casting with excellent forging characteristics or production and processing of deformed aluminium alloy sheet with good plastic deformation can be obtained. The aluminum alloy sheet is light, has high compressive strength, good broadening characteristics, and high purchase depreciation. The process performance is good, and the aluminum alloy sheet can be produced and processed into a variety of complicated geometric figures such as plane drawings, arcs and curved surfaces. The aluminum alloy plate is formed in the processing plant and does not need to be cut, and can be produced and processed again immediately.

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