Casting process on aluminum 7075 development is of far-reaching significance and influence

aluminum 7075 in addition to use in our daily life, with the improving of the technology, also have started to use in the field of important traffic, such as aerospace structural materials, the present stage and enter into the field of auto development. Aluminum alloy technology development become become the trend of The Times.
Casting is a traditional aluminum alloy main preparation methods, but has been difficult to meet the needs of the preparation of high performance aluminum alloy. First, the traditional process is difficult to further improve the strength, plasticity, rigidity, heat resistance and corrosion resistance; Second, in the process of the pursuit of high-performance, casting cost due to add equipment and yield decline rapidly rising; Third, due to the increasing content of alloy, plastic is often reduced, and the subsequent pressure processing costs, yield reduction.

In the field of industrial materials. For a long time, the proportion of domestic building material has been on the high side, the higher percentage and foreign industrial profiles. Industrial profiles are often technical difficulty is big, also of high value-added products. From the point of application field, the construction industry is still the main field of aluminium profile application, far more than other areas, consumption increases year by year, by 2016 more than 63% of the total consumption. Points region, 2016 aluminum in North America, Europe and other developed areas in the field of industrial consumption has accounted for more than 50% on average, while China aluminum consumption in the industrial sector is only 32%, along with economic development and the improvement of industrial technology, aluminum consumption has great potential in the field of industry. Industrial aluminum consumption ratio in 2017 is expected to reach 45 ~ 50%, and according to our country government related planning, the next 10 years, industrial aluminum accounted for the proportion of aluminum consumption will be closer to 70%.

Therefore, the high cost of production is greatly increased the use of advanced aluminum alloy bar, serious influence the development of the overall market size. In these areas, the injection forming technology has the dual advantages of performance and comprehensive cost, can reduce the use of advanced aluminum alloy bar, still can further improve performance, in a certain range to achieve to generation of steel, aluminum and cultivate advanced aluminum alloy market rapidly, and, in turn, promote the scale of spray forming technology for the cost advantage. Therefore, the injection forming technology will become the main advanced aluminum alloy production process.
Aluminum alloy casting technology for the development of aluminum 7075  is of far-reaching significance and influence, want to aluminum market rising steadily, casting process must constantly update is perfect, every step in the process of ascension is of irreplaceable significance to the whole process.

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