Circle aluminum a1060 has high stamping performance, it is widely used in various fields from cookware to industrial equipment. Continuous stamping equipment and automatic blanking device are adopt in 1060 aluminum circle manufacturer Haomei Aluminium which can better ensure that the surface of the aluminum circles is free of scratches and oil stains, which is very suitable for use by manufacturers of lamps and kitchen utensils.

circle aluminum a1060

As a professional supplier of circle aluminum a1060, Haomei Aluminium strictly control the chemical composition and heat treatment process, eliminate internal stress, reduce intragranular segregation and unevenness of the structure, greatly improve the stretchability and plasticity of the aluminum circle 1060 material, thereby ensuring that customers can effectively avoid orange peel and ensure stretching in the later processing effect. 1060 aluminum circle has high thermal conductivity. Among metals, silver, gold, and copper rank fourth, which is three times that of iron. 55% of copper, if the density of aluminum is considered, the thermal conductivity of equal mass aluminum is 12 times that of iron and twice that of copper. Therefore, aluminum circle is widely used for processing cookware.


The circle aluminum a1060 produced by Haomei Aluminium can be applied to subsequent processes such as drawing, deep drawing, spinning, and oxidation. The production of aluminum circle does not require slitting and cross-cutting of the coil, which reduces the production process and reduces the possibility of damaging the surface of the coil. The produced wafers are guaranteed to be free of oil and scratches. The high utilization rate of raw materials reduces the production cost.

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