The performance and property of aluminum circle

Aluminum circle is a kind of round aluminum plate products, among the 8 series aluminum alloy, 1000 series and 3000 series aluminum circle are usually used in the market. As one of the professional aluminum circle manufacturers, we Haomei Aluminum supply aluminum circles with all specification to the clients all over the world. While applied in the industries, with different performance and property, aluminum discs have different application. In general, Haomei aluminum circle has features as follows.

aluminum circle

1, The aluminum circle has good surface performance, which ensures no obvious scratches, oil pollution, oxidation, black spots on the surface, which is very good to process products like cookware and lamps.
2, Keep good control of the grain size and elongation at the early stage, which ensures the good deep drawing and spinning performance the aluminum circle, and effectively avoids the bad phenomena of wire drawing, lotus leaf edge and so on. For future processing, the quality is guaranteed.
3. Strictly control the alloy, temper and performance to ensure the accuracy and diversity of the aluminum circles, we are sure to provide products meet customers requirements, the processed products have been checked before delivery.
4. The aluminum circle of Haomei Aluminum is classified in details. According to the customers’ different uses and requirements, the accurate category can be selected, we have more than 25 years’ experience to help you on the specification choice.
5. The product is packed firmly and safe, which conforms to international export standards, we choose trusted ship line to shorten the delivery time.

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