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Metal foil tapes manufacturer mainly offer aluminum foil tape and copper foil tape, in these two kind of products, aluminum foil tape is cheap and light in weight. So the aluminum foil tape have replace copper foil tape well on the market. The 3003 aluminum foil tape series is the most commonly used aluminum foil tape product for the aluminum-manganese alloy series. Usually because the 3003 aluminum foil tape has aluminum and manganese elements, this 3003 aluminum foil tape product is also usually called anti-rust aluminum foil tape. However, the specific gravity of 3003 aluminum foil tape is larger than that of conventional 1060 aluminum foil tape.

metal foil tapes manufacturer

Due to the injection of aluminum and manganese elements, the strength of 3003 aluminum foil tape is higher than that of conventional 1060 aluminum foil tape. Therefore, the hardness and strength of 3003 aluminum foil tape are about 10% higher than that of 1100 aluminum foil tape and 1060 aluminum foil tape. In addition, the solubility, formability, and excellent corrosion resistance of 1060 aluminum strip are added. For these reasons, 3003 aluminum foil tape are usually used for thermal insulation and gradually become popular in the market, and more and more people begin to introduce 3003 aluminum foil tape.

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