Aluminium foil container are used in Microwave Oven

Aluminium foil container can used in Microwave Oven, but with great caution .It is suggest that use only shallow aluminum foil containers, no deeper than 3 cms.

Because aluminium is an excellent conductor of heat ( that’s why a lot of conventional cookware is made of aluminium,aluminium foil for kitchen) any heat in potential hot spots will be transferred around the container so more even heating can be achieved.

The greater benefits of aluminium foil container are:

That food can be cooked in the container rather than it needing to be transferred to a non metallic container.

Food toppings can be finished under the grill or browned as part of a combination oven cooking cycle

Use singly in the centre of the microwave glass tray to avoid getting too close to the oven sides.

Do not use foil or foil lined lids (if the food is completely encased in aluminium it wont heat at all.)

If there are no special instructions for cooking in aluminum foil trays increase cook time by 10%.

Do not use bent or damaged foil trays. Clean and dispose (recycle) them.

Do use normal precautions and stir microwaved food and ensure that it is piping hot before serving.

Feature of Aluminum foil container

1) Environmental protection

2) Recyclable

3) Variety of designs for size

4) Disposable and use facility

5) Low cost

6)Material: Aluminum Foil

7)Style: Round

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