Aluminium Foil Used for Wrapping Food

Aluminium foil covers a wide range of application in daily life, the most representative of which proves to be aluminium foil used for wrapping food. It’s strange that on the one hand, food safety remains a global problem, and on the other hand, paper-metal mixed aluminium foil gets more and more popular around the world. As known to all, excessive taking in of metal elements would lead to serious health problems, but you can apply aluminium foil used for wrapping food without relative worries, because the foil has such a high burning temperature that aluminium has no chance to get into wrapped food at all.
aluminium foil used for wrapping food

We usually apply aluminium foil used for wrapping food to wrap cooked meat, fried chicken, pancakes etc. Plastic bags give off harmful chemicals under high temperature of hot food, yet aluminium foil contains no poisonous elements at all. Besides, aluminium foil used for wrapping food is very popular for barbecues as well. People use it to wrap potatoes and green vegetables to keep the food fresh. While used for wrapping barbecue food, aluminium foil boasts advantages over any other substitutes. First, it prevents food to stick onto the plates. Plates covered with over-burned food prove difficult to be cleaned. Second, it protects food from dirty things. Outdoor environment provides favorable sightings, but there are numerous insects, dry leaves, dirt as well, which pollute food once falling on it. Third, wrapped aluminium foil helps to burn food in an evener way. The surface of food won’t get over burned while wrapped by a layer of foil. Fourth, people sometimes use vegetables to wrap meat or other food for barbecue, and aluminium foil used for wrapping food keeps wrapped food inside. It also prevents seasonings on the surface of food from falling off. Fifth, water is kept inside the food which would still be fresh after being cooked.

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