Aluminum Foil Tray

As a widely applied food container, aluminum foil tray can be obtained through cold or hot rolling of 3003 or 8011 aluminum pigs. In accordance with different standards, it can be classified into flat & wrinkled types, disposable & reusable types and plain & coated foils. It’s featured by smooth surface and excellent packaging function.

Aluminum foil trays are universally used in air food packaging, domestic cooking and cake wrapping in large bake houses. Many people are not familiar with air food, but the latter two are not novel to them. Dough of small cakes are usually put in little silver cups and then into the oven. A few minutes later you draw the board out with hot small cakes on it. It’s also convenient when you have the cakes, for you just need to hold the tray and pull the cake out with your teeth. Some white collar workers in China like cooking food in the evening and bringing it to the company for lunch of the next day. They have to heat it up again in the micro-wave oven before eating the lunch. Some put the food in plastic food containers, which are not a good choice because plastics, once heated, is harmful to health. A better choice is thinner and cheaper aluminum foil tray. It withstands high temperature and is nontoxic.

Aluminum Foil Tray

As a matter of fact, with increasing need for fast food, aluminum foil trays are winning more and more popularity. It seems that there will be no substitute for them in short future, because they boast obvious advantages. First, they are light and safe. With a density much smaller than other metals, aluminum products are almost the lightest of all metal products. They can withstand both low and high temperatures without deformation or change of properties. Unlike some toxic metals, they neither contain nor produce poisoning materials even under sever conditions. Food can be cooked directly in aluminum foil trays and will not lose its original appearance or taste. Second, they have extraordinary barrier property and heat maintaining performance. If thick enough and sealed well, an aluminum foil tray is able to keep air, water and even radiation completely outside. Third, they are environmental. Either disposable or reusable trays are suitable to be recycled, during which no pollutant or harmful material will be generated.

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