Best Price Beautiful Aluminium Foil Packing

Day-to-drink milk cubes box packaging, which is a kind of aluminum foil composite made of aseptic bag; such as packing for cigarette, in addition to shiny shell is aluminum foil composite material, there is an aluminum foil to keep the tobacco Fragrance; and then such as chicken, sucking ice and other food packaging, is also a kind of aluminum foil composite material made of soft bag .

1,Food, chemicals, military supplies and other fields of application is very wide, is made of aluminum foil and high strength, heat sealing plastic film compound, with a barrier, mechanical and heat sealing performance.

2,Aluminium foil plastic composite hose. It is mainly used for paste, exposed products, packaging, with good isolation, easy to break, clean and beautiful and so on. A group of data show that Europe and the United States and other developed countries more than 90% of the toothpaste are used in aluminium foil plastic composite hose packaging, and the current use of this packaging is still very low, the development of space is still great.

3,In recent years, with the requirements of beer hygiene standards, aluminium foil wine package gradually used in beer, wine and high-grade soy sauce bottleneck, bottle sealed packaging. This is because the aluminum foil has good ductility, tensile properties and easy to print characteristics.



Alloy:8011 3003 1100 1235, 8011 3003

Thickness:0.2-2.0mm, 0.006-0.2mm

Temper:H12 H22 H24 H18 H32

Length:508mm 405mm 305mm 150mm

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