Food Service Packaging Aluminium Sheet Foil Factory

Aluminium sheet foil is made of 99.0% -99.7% pure electrolytic aluminum, after several rolling in the system, this soft metal film, not only moisture, airtight, shading, but also with fragrant, non-toxic and tasteless advantages, such advantages is the existing any other packaging materials are incomparable.

This is the practical side of the aluminum foil, it is a gorgeous side of its elegant silver-white luster, people can give full play to the imagination, in the above printed with their own characteristics, colorful beautiful patterns and patterns. Aluminium sheet foil is popular as a packaging material.

We are professional manufacturer of aluminium foil sheet

Aluminum foil aluminum alloy: 1235/8011/8079

We are profession manufacturer of aluminium foil sheet

Aluminum foil aluminum alloy :1235 /8011/8079

Aluminum foil width and length :according to your request

Aluminum foil Core ID :76.2mm &152mm

Aluminum foil temper : o /h12 / h24

The professional package of aluminium sheet foil


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