High corrosion resistance aluminum foil online shopping

The application of aluminum foil is very wide,such as Medicinal Aluminium Foil,Air Condition Aluminium Foil,Tube Aluminium Foil,Beer Mark Aluminium Foil,Cigarette Aluminium Foil,Container Aluminium Foil,Tape Aluminium Foil,this met by one or more of the available alloys and tempers.

Aluminum foil account for its widespread use over an impression range of applications as barrier material, electrical conductor, heat and light reflector, graphic arts medium, and others. This is because the performance of aluminum foil gives these products unique performance,As-produced, the aluminum surface has its natural hard, transparent layer of oxide which substantially precludes further oxidation – indefinitely in many applications.

Let us to seee the unique combination of aluminum foil properties : dead fold, high electrical and thermal conductivity per unit of weight, high corrosion resistance, nontoxic, nonsorptive, light weight, highly light reflective, and an ideal moisture barrier.

So aluminium foil are widely used in the following areas too:

Annealed Foil – Foil completely softened by thermal treatment.

Chemically Cleaned Foil – Foil chemically washed to remove lubricant and foreign material.

Hard Foil – Foil fully work-hardened by rolling.

Intermediate Temper Foil – Foil intermediate in temper between Annealed Foil and Hard Foil.

Roll of Foil – Foil in coiled form.

Sheets of Foil – Foil in rectangular form, sheared to size.

This is Aluminum Foil process in China Manufacturer Aluminum Foil Factory,feel free to contact us.

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