Industrial aluminium tin foil used for wrapping food

  The industrial aluminium foil, also known as the aluminium tin foil, is a regular type of aluminium foil used for wrapping food. It has a clean and bright surface, proving to be an excellent composite material in the packing industry. In addition, it’s easier to print on the industrial aluminium foil than on other packing materials, which makes it convenient for manufacturers of packed products to print ideal designs on their package surfaces.

  In specific, features of the aluminium foil used for wrapping food are as below.

  A. The surface of aluminium tin foil rolls are so clean that no micro lives or bacteria are able to survive on it.

  B. As a non-toxic packaging material, the aluminium foil contacts packed foods directly without bringing about potential threat to human health.

industrial aluminium tin foil used for wrapping food

  C. Tasteless and smell free, the foil gives no alien flavour to packed foods.

  D. Its insulation property is excellent, protecting foods from shrinking or becoming dry.

  E. Regardless high or low temperatures, no oil leakage will occur to an aluminium tin foil package.

  F. Opaque and soft, the foil proves to be an ideal material for packaging artificial milk cream.

  G. The foil has an excellent forming ability, which enables people to use it to wrap products in various shapes or make it into containers of varied sizes.

  H. In spite of its high hardness and good tensile strength, the industrial aluminium foil breaks easily under tearing force. In addition, it can not be heat sealed unless covered with materials like PE.

  I. Adverse reaction might occur in occasion of the aluminium tin foil contacting some metal elements.

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