Perforated aluminium foil container seals for bottle

The aluminium foil food containers(aluminium foil container seals for bottle) are widely used in various sectors of the food industry. They are appreciated for food packaging but also serving or storing ready meals. Furthermore, aluminium food containers are flexible and hygienic, and therefore, are suitable for food use without any side effect.

Moreover, aluminium foil is a highly reusable material for many cycles, aluminium storage containers don’t damage the environment when recycled carefully.

We develop and produce all kinds of kitchen aluminium foil products, such as one-off food containers, trays, cake containers etc. Our products are widely used in airline(train) in flight(train) catering industry, snack bars, restaurants, hotels, biscuit industry etc. The products can be directly used for forming, grilling/ baking, freezing, heating, packing and storing, and all of them are recoverable and recyclable. We can also make different aluminium foil containers with different design as customers’ requirements.Various dimensions available.

Various uses of aluminum foil specifications detailed category:

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