Structure of Aluminum Foil Flexible Pipes

Aluminum foil flexible pipes can deliver all kinds of media of temperatures between -50℃ and 150℃. They are applied in heat or cold maintaining projects for centralized heating, central cooling and hot oil delivery in industries like petroleum, chemical, coal, refrigeration and heating supply. Although you may have caught sight of the pipes a lot in daily life, you might not pay enough attention to their structures.
aluminum foil

Generally speaking, an aluminum foil flexible pipe consists of four parts: delivery tube, heat preservation layer, protective shell and alarming lines. There are different types of delivery pipes in accordance with technical requirement for medium to be delivered. A pipe may be equipped with delivery tubes of seamed steel, seamless steel as well as helical welded steel with submerged arcs on both sides. Heat preservation layer normally adopts hard polyurethane foaming plastic as raw material. It has necessary strength and flexibility. Besides, foaming plastic with air inside shows perfect heat maintaining property. The protective shell of an aluminum foil flexible pipe is made of high-density polyethylene or fiber glass which conducts heat less quickly than metals, thus heat can be preserved more efficiently. Alarming lines have been embedded in the heat preservation layer near steel tubes during the production of high temperature insulation tubes for direct burial. In case of leakage of delivered medium, the alarming line will send signals to a special measuring instrument. At the same time, leakage location and scale will be displayed on the instrument so that maintenance workers would be able to deal with the problem quickly.

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