Aluminium Tread Plate Performance and Notes

As a new tread aluminum plate has been widely welcomed by the market. Pattern aluminum not only have a lot of applications in factories, warehouses, but also in home decoration is also favored by many people. The colorful pattern aluminum structure, lightweight, bright surface, the process used in the decoration is very rosy. So when we weekdays in nursing home aluminum patterns we should pay attention to what matters? Here you will learn about it and a small series.
aluminium tread plate sizes
Specification Alloys: 106050523003
Status: H114 H194 O H234 H14 / H24 H12 / H22, etc.
aluminum tread plate dimensions: Thickness ≤6mm width ≤1900mm length ≤12000mm
1, in the process of cleaning up aluminium tread plate, we should pay attention to the top to bottom, from the outside in order to clean up on the pattern aluminum, the order must be cleaned in accordance with the provisions of the order, or may cause some of the aluminum patterns hurt.
2, due to the chemical nature of the anodised aluminium tread plate products is not stable, so we have to pay attention to use neutral cleaning agent in the cleaning process, avoid using strong acidic or alkaline cleaning agents, so as not to damage the aluminum plate. We can use in cleaning agents before cleaning pattern aluminum and aluminum products together, to see whether the change will occur and chemical properties of the aluminum plate, and then decide whether to use this cleaning agent.
3, in the process of cleaning aluminum patterns, we should pay attention to select the cleaning material may not be used too much strength tools, such as steel balls and other items. We are the best choice for flat-track standard wiped clean when the windows machine.
4, after the aluminum diamond plate finish cleaning our best indoor ventilation process. Because if the aluminum products for a long time in a wet state, the aluminum surface will likely give birth to an aluminum oxide film of. Aluminum oxide film is a matte product, leading to the aluminum surface is not smooth, bright color aluminum does not affect the appearance of the aluminum tread checkered plate.

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