Methods for distinguish the quality of polished aluminum sheet suppliers

It is clear that the polished aluminum sheet refers to the aluminum sheet plate that has mirror polished effect on the surface by chemical processing or electro polishing, rolling, grinding and other methods. It’s no doubt that the surface performance of the polished aluminum mirror sheet is very significant. Here are some methods for distinguish the product quality of the polished aluminum sheet suppliers.
1. Check whether the mirror aluminum sheet will be easily scratched.
High quality polished aluminum sheet is made of hot rolling mirror technology and will not be easily scratched. When buying mirror aluminum sheet, you can use a knife, nail clippers and other sharp tools to gently scribe the sheet surface. If there is no scratch, it is a high-quality mirror aluminum sheet, you can buy it with confidence.
2. Check whether the polished aluminum sheet have fingerprints.
The main role of mirror aluminum sheet is use as mirror decoration. If the fingerprint is left on the panel surface, it will affect the decorative effect. When selecting the mirror aluminum plate, you can touch the mirror surface with your finger, and then wipe it with a dry cloth or paper towel. If the fingerprint can be easily wiped off, it indicates that this mirror aluminum plate is a high-quality product and can be trusted.
3. Check whether the mirror aluminum sheet can be bent without cracks.
If you get the sample, bend the mirror aluminum plate with 90°. The polished aluminum sheet suppliers said that the high-quality mirror aluminum plate will not be easily cracked. It is particularly important to note that the anodized mirror aluminum sheet will have a slight cracking sound, so that the anodized mirror aluminum plate can be distinguished.

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