Application of 5083-H112 Aluminium Sheet Metal

Haomei Aluminum specializes in 5083-H112 aluminium sheet metal. We have several mills located in Zhengzhou and Gongyi. Our 5083-H112 Aluminium sheet metal can be approved by classification societies such as DNV GL in accordance with Det Norske Veritas’ Rules for Classification Pt. 2.
Our first 5083 DNV certified 5083-H112 aluminium sheet metal will be shipped out to Australia in the early January 2016.
5083 5-series aluminum is aluminum in the production process is relatively well-aluminum alloy, the 5 Series is a magnesium aluminum alloy as the main alloying element, also known as magnesium alloy, an alloy state include O state, HXX and HXXX state, 5083-H112 from thin to thick plates of aluminum are widely used in many fields, which produced wide-thick 5083 aluminum, more used in transportation manufacturing, and other areas of travel.
Haomei’s high-quality aluminum 5083-H112 aluminum sheet metal is a kind of moderate strength, corrosion resistance and weldability of aluminum on behalf of products, ease of processing molding. Based on the above characteristics, 5083-H112 aluminum processed products applicable manufacturing requirements of high plasticity, corrosion resistance of welded pipes are contained in the liquid container and other parts. Haomei Aluminum 5083-H112 aluminum sheet metal is mainly used in shipbuilding, tanker bodywork and high-voltage switches. 5083 aluminum sheet metal can be used as rust-proof aluminum, its rust-proof aluminum strength of about 20% higher than 5052, non-heat strengthened aluminum rust-proof aluminum, low strength, high ductility.
Whether you are building Fast Ferries, Navy or passenger ships, yachts, or small pleasure craft, we provide good quality of 5083-H112 aluminum sheet metal to meet your needs.
5083-H112 aluminum sheet metal as marine aluminum hull in reducing quality while extending the life of the ship; applied tanker body, can reduce vehicle weight per tanker 3-5 tons, reducing the body inertia, improving transport efficiency and also achieve energy saving effect.

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