The Surface Maintenance Method of Embossed Aluminum Sheet

In order to avoid scratches on the surface, the embossed aluminum sheet will be peeled off at the factory or separated by paper to avoid scratches and spots caused by the friction between the stucco and embossed aluminum sheets. At the same time, we must ensure that the firm to avoid embossed aluminum sliding in the transport problems, it is more likely to cause scratches.
This is because the hardness of the embossed aluminum plate is softer than that of other metals, and the slight friction can cause slight scratches on the surface, so we should emphasize the protection of the surface during the transportation, handling and processing of the aluminum tread plate , to avoid scratches.
When handling, workers need to wear gloves to avoid perspiration in the embossed aluminum surface, a long time may surface corrosion and oxidation. At the time of machining, especially when bending the shears, pay attention to the protection film if the surface quality is relatively high.

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