Four Major Advantages of Aluminium Sheets in Marine Field

Offshore oil drilling platform in China’s marine industry has a very important position. Its structure main use steel. The advantages are obvious, but the shortcomings are obvious. There is corrosion, long-term use of high maintenance costs. Therefore, looking for a steel with the strength of close, durable, good effect of good new materials, the development of marine engineering equipment with long-term significance. Henan Haomei aluminium manufacturers to provide the aluminium sheets light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, low maintenance costs and recyclable and many other advantages to meet the needs of the development of marine engineering equipment.
Offshore engineering the connotation and scope of a wide range of broad marine engineering equipment, including marine fishery equipment, marine oil and gas development equipment, marine transportation equipment, marine tourism equipment, marine power equipment, marine construction equipment. Of the marine engineering equipment mainly refers to the offshore oil and gas development equipment. Marine oil and gas exploration includes exploration, development, production and decommission, from the initial stage of geophysical exploration to the final stage of the platform, each link involves many marine engineering equipment. Marine oil and gas development equipment can be divided into drilling platform, production platform, marine engineering ship. With the development of marine oil and gas resources continue to enter the deep waters, marine engineering equipment demand is very broad prospects.
What are the advantages of aluminium sheets used in offshore engineering? Now by the aluminium manufacturers experts to answer your questions. Compared with the engineering materials on land, due to the different geographical location and environmental conditions, offshore oil drilling in the equipment, equipment and other aspects of its particularity. The aluminium sheets of various excellent features, providing a better, more time-saving, effort of the solution, the specific advantages of aluminium are as follows:
Advantages of a light weight of aluminium sheets. The use of light weight, solid aluminium profiles, aluminium profiles light weight, easy to install, transport and storage. aluminium plate weight is only 1/3 of the steel structure material.
Advantages of two, aluminium applicability. Can adapt to a variety of complex harsh environment and climate.
Advantages of three, aluminium combination of diverse, beautiful appearance. aluminium profile due to the strong plasticity of aluminium alloy, you can create a variety of beautiful structure, shape more stylish and beautiful.
Advantages of four, aluminium corrosion resistance, low maintenance. All profiles have been anti-oxidation treatment, aluminium life of up to 30 years or more.
Four advantages, so that aluminium in a number of materials come to the fore, as marine engineering equipment manufacturing in the new darling, I believe that with the development of technology and production level, there will be more and more aluminium applications to marine equipment.

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