The Role of Washed Aluminium Sheets

Pattern aluminium sheets is a high degree of expectation of goods, in the use of the process of washing, you can play a very good maintenance, to extend the role of life, not the same water washing method is not the same, the following let We have a brief understanding of the role and importance of water washing about patterned aluminium sheets.
First, the chemical polishing water, in order to wash off the appearance of the appearance of the aluminium sheets chemicals, the best selection of the use of active water, to avoid the appearance of sticky preparations without scouring clean.
Second, after the oil wash, remove the appearance of the aluminium sheets oil, try to cut the impact of oil on the appearance of goods.
Thirdly, after the neutralization of the washing, some of the preparations contained in the lying tank, the demand for some corroded formulations on the impact of pattern aluminium sheets.
On the appearance of the pattern of aluminum scouring, the different scouring method to bring the impact of different effects, but if the erosion of unclean will bring serious corrosion of goods, so a reduction on the erosion can not be ignored.
The above is the “pattern of aluminium sheets washing effect” of the introduction, I hope to help you.

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