Why Does Aluminium Foil Price Higher Than Sheet

As engaged in supply aluminum products for over 20 years, many customers find that the aluminium foil price is higher than that of ordinary aluminum sheet. The price of aluminum product is mainly affect by the price of aluminum ingot and the process cost. In this condition, the price of aluminium foil is higher than aluminum sheet price is caused by the process cost. The producing process of aluminum foil is more complex and precision, the process machine and technology is more advanced. Therefore, let talk more about the processing technology of aluminium foil.
The most important process during aluminum foil production is the rolling, aluminum foil rolling is a special rolling technology. Because of the small thickness, the controlling factors play a decisive role in the sheet rolling such as roll gaps and rolling pressures do not play important roles in aluminum foil rolling. However, other factors that play a secondary role in sheet rolling such as tension and rolling speed play an important role in aluminum foil rolling. The thickness of aluminum foil is thin, generally 0.006-0.2mm, and the thinnest can be rolled to 0.0025mm. Rolled from a 0.35-0.7mm foil stock roll to 0.006mm foil, which includes roll-to-roll rolling and rollless rolling. The aluminium foil price is higher, but the quality requirement is higher too, the surface request of aluminum foil is more strict than aluminum sheet.

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